Home of Country Fresh Black Currant Jam

Home of Country Fresh Black Currant Jam

2021 Update.  Good news and bad news. We are officially sold out of all berries for the 2021 season. I do have some some black currant jam remaining but supplies are dwindling as well. It is probably best to call, text or email to check availability.

Thanks again to all customers and patrons and we look forward to another fruitfull season for 2022. 

The Blakes




We are a small family farm nestled along the shores of Lake Erie in Norfolk county, Ontario. We specialize in producing black currants, as well as our own line of black currant jam.

Black currants (Ribes nigrum) have been grown for their fruit since the 16th century in France. The variety planted on our farm is Titania. It is a Polish variety that has excellent size, colour and flavour. The black currant has been praised for its medicinal properties, as well as their very delicious and distinctive taste. Currants are highly regarded for their nutraceutical properties. They are 5 times higher in Vitamin C content than oranges and contain up to 3 times as much potassium as any other fruit. Currants also boast nearly 40 types of bioflavonoids. Consumption of black currant has shown to benefit the heart and circulatory system, kidney function, liver function and the digestive system as well.