Currant Update 2017

Currant Update 2017

This year’s crop was dismal at best. We harvested all plants and only managed a little under 400 pounds of black currant fruit. As I was driving the tractor during harvest I kept reviewing this year to pinpoint our low production. Weather wise we had an unbelievable season with perfectly timed rains, cool nights and no pest issues. The only reason I can figure is the fact that my producing bushes are over 20 years old and have run their course so to speak.

I remember back in the early years, we had 3000 – 4000 pounds of fruit without the means of handling that quantity. I spent many an hour calling potential customers and trying to market our fruit. The fruit production was never the issue, freezing and selling were the hurdles to overcome.

Now I seem to always tell people that I don’t have enough fruit for their needs. I will tighten my pruning regime and the new block will definitely come into production next year. The future looks brighter but I can’t help but laugh at how things have changed over the past 20 years.

Once again I apologize for this year’s dismal production and will continue to work to bring consistent, yearly production I the future.

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